Our Products Are Based On PENXCEL Technology

PENXCEL™ Technology is a unique formulation system developed to deliver fertilizer additives for dry and liquid fertilizer, even anhydrous ammonia. Its key ingredient is used for pharmaceutical formulations for people. This unique technology delivers many performance benefits over first generation products that have become the standard. It’s time you move to the next generation products formulated with PENXCEL.


The PENXCEL delivery system drives active ingredients to penetrate deeper into the prills or granules of solid fertilizer. This innovative formulation allows the use of active ingredients previously deemed “impossible to be coated or blended” with fertilizer. It works well in liquid fertilizer formulations, providing an advantage over dusty powders. It even works in anhydrous ammonia through the standard equipment you already own.


You never have extra time during application season. PENXCEL speeds the process. With low viscosity, it pours quickly even in the cold weather. It easily coats and blends with fertilizer. It blends up to 25% faster than other industry standard formulations with granular fertilizer, saving time during the critical application season. It also is non-corrosive to your equipment. The end result is consistent fertilizer product that flows freely and performs in the field


Lab tests show benefits regarding safety of the product. PENXCEL Technology was 2x safer than the first generation formulation in an assessment done by a leading university. The key ingredient’s safety profile, as proven by its use in human medicine, is evident in the results. We always encourage best practices when handling our products, so please handle all products with care and observe all precautions on the label.


Research shows the PENXCEL system excels in the challenging field conditions of Texas, with better results amplified under tougher conditions. The positive impact of PENXCEL was demonstrated with N YIELD™ nitrogen stabilizer compared to the standard product. The researcher attributed the better activity in the field to more consistent application of the product to the fertilizer with deeper penetration of urea granules.