Innovar Ag Launches InnoSolve Inhibitor Combo as well as InnoSolve 26.7NBPT


The two products will be available Globally  in Q4 2019. The latest in a long line of Innovation from Innovar Ag debuted at the TFI World Meeting in Chicago, September 2019.

Innovar Ag R&D Develops 2 New Products Available for Public Research


As part of Innovar Ag's Ground Truthing of its Innovative Technologies, It has now released InnoSolve Bio (Biostimulant)  and

 InnoSolve BMZ Micronutrients for External Lab and Field Testing.

Innovar Ag Acquires USA Industrial Market License


Innovar has made progress and expanded into the USA Industrial market with Neon Penxcel Technology. Innovar Ag intends to market Neon Technology in Q4 2019.

Innovar Ag Launches InnoSolve PKMe


Innovar Ag Expanded its InnoSolve line with a Thermal Poly Aspartate Technology with  the capability of helping Phosphate, Potash, Secondary and Micro Nutrients be made available 

Innovar Ag Announces Formation of InnoSolve Brand name


Innovar Ag has added  InnoSolve name as its Proprietary Technology Umbrella Brand. The root meaning of  Solving Grower Problems or Challenges with Innovation, will pave the way for future products needed in the market.

Innovar Ag Announces Name Change and Office Location


Effective August 2018 Innovar Ag LLC is the official name of our Innovative Company with Products in 30+ Countries. The Innovar Ag office is now in Downtown Bradenton Florida, within the recently vacated Bank Of America Building.

Innovar Ag Partnership


In early 2019, Innovar Ag entered into a Joint 50/50 Partnership, to enjoy Vertically Integrated Manufacturing for InnoSolve and PenXcel based  Liquid Technologies. The USA Based Manufacturing Facility has extensive capabilities including cold storage of raw materials, and proprietary Manufacture Methods.

InnoSolve 45N Manufacturing Partnership


Innovar Ag is pleased to have partnered with a World Class organization to produce the Granular InnoSolve 45N 45-0-0 Encapsulated Infused Fertilizer in 2 Southern USA Locations. This partnership will allow for up to 500,000 tons of the New EIF technology to be produced precisely and efficiently. One additional Northern location available for expansion capacity.

James Barnett Joins Innovar Ag as Sales Director- Latin Markets


Innovar Ag is proud to announce Jim Barnett has joined, and will manage certain Latin America Agricultural Markets effective October 2019. Jim comes from an extensive background in Agriculture fertilizer technologies, and will be a welcomed asset. Welcome Jim!

Caio Borges Joins Innovar Ag as Business Development Manager- Southern Hemisphere


We are happy to announce Caio has joined our Innovar Team of professionals , to manage certain Latin markets,  as well as drive Southern Hemisphere  Business Development. Caio has many years experience training growers, dealers and distributors on the benefits of PenXcel Technology. Effective April 2019, based in Brasil. Welcome, Caio!

Carrie Garcia Joins Innovar Ag as Operations Manager


Innovar Ag is happy to announce Mrs. Carrie Garcia has joined Innovar Ag as Operations Manager. Carrie will work out of the Bradenton Head office effective November 2018. Carries past experience and positive attitude for success will be a great asset for Innovar Ag going forward. Welcome, Carrie!

Innovar Ag/VIVA Agro Partnership Continues for Southern Cone


Innovar Ag is pleased that VIVA Agro will maintain their significant role in delivering value added service to the South American Southern Cone markets with Innovar Ag. The long term working relationship and trust between Viva Team members and Innovar Team members is continually evergreen, resulting in excellent representation for Innovar technologies. Effective Company inception 2018. Welcome Viva!

Ben Thompson Joins Innovar Ag as Sales Director


Innovar Ag Team is proud to welcome Ben on board effective September 2019. One of Bens responsibilities will be as project manager for the new InnoSolve 45N 45-0-0 EIF Technology which was launched recently. Ben's experience managing Enhanced Efficiency finished Urea products will be key for our expanded success. Welcome, Ben!

Greg Stake Joins Innovar Turf as Manager


Innovar Turf is happy to welcome Greg Stake as it's Global Turf and Tort Manager effective October 2019. Greg's fantastic attitude toward customer service, and management skills, will ensure positive growth for the Innovar Turf Team. Gregs responsibilities will include Innosolve and PenXcel technologies, as well as important FoliarPak nutritional products. Welcome Greg!

Luciano Lucero Promoted to President of Sales


Innovar Ag is pleased to announce Luciano Lucero has been appointed President of Sales-Ag. Luciano will report directly to CEO Andrew Semple, to continue their long friendship and business working  relationship since early 2000's. Luciano will assume the role in October 2019. Welcome Luc to the new challenge!

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