What They Say:

Innovar Urease nitrification Inhibitors Slow Release Fertilizers Neon

We value our Customers, Researchers and Partners, and we strive to receive comments like these:

"Innovar always strives to meet the Customer’s needs by providing the most cost effective and timely shipments."
Innovar Ag Supplier

“I had the direct experience of working with the Innovar team in their prior roles of teaching growers about the risk of loss due to volatility. It is easy for me to understand why they are having such success when the same group of professionals now have advanced chemistry that offers above and below ground protection to growers”.
Customer National Account Manager

“Innovar’s ability to take grower challenges and transform those challenges into product solutions is very impressive, and has had a very positive impact on the industry. This is definitely a company to watch.”
Customer- Technology Company in the Ag business

“The product innovation and support has been essential to our market place and sales team. We see continued growth and success for many years to come.”
Customer -Business Manager Distributor

"It is a pleasure working with Innovar Ag as their team is always friendly and helpful, whatever your need. We look forward to continue working with such a reputable company."
External Accounting Contract Company

"Innovar team is an excellent team!!  They are delight to work with.  Both Carrie and Debbie are professional, efficient and friendly.  Heloisa works hard and has an excellent attitude.  We feel so lucky to have this wonderful team as our partner!!
Innovar’s product is also first class since they always keep us in line on the product quality that  we manufacture for them."

External Supplier Executive

“My preference for N Yield is for reliability. And the certainty of proven, efficient and mainly stable technology. The patented N Yield formula ensures the best blend and stability to maintain the quality of its active ingredients throughout the process from production to plant use.”
Customer -Distributor

“My decision to use N Yield is based on being sure that depending on my actions to provide the best productivity for my crop is being done.”
Customer - Farmer

"I have been studying N Yield and Neon Air for some years and I’m very confident in recommending these products during my presentations. Even in adverse weather conditions, they performed very well."
External University Researcher

"Using N Yield we differentiate our nitrogen fertilizer, helping farmers to have better yields. And it is a good replacement for nitrate."
Customer- Fertilizer company manager

"INNOVAR AG’s commitment to corporate sustainability is reflected in the up to date support they provide their customers. Safety data, labeling and product use information meet and often exceed the industry norms."
External Regulatory Manager