About Us

Advanced Technology Expertise


INNOVAR AG  brings extensive “advanced technologies” expertise to the industry along with the training skills to help make our global partners successful. Our team’s past history with global fertilizer companies like Agrium, Koch, Agrotain International, Brenntag, and others help give us the experience to be well positioned in this market segment.

US Based Nutrient Efficiency Company With Global Distribution


We are a U.S.-based nutrient efficiency company dedicated to bringing Agriculture Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizers technologies to farmers to help them be more productive. With a global distribution network, we are delivering innovative and quality products to the agricultural nutrient market, with focus on an economic, agronomic and responsible approach through our patented Stabilizers.

Trusted Source For Innovative Products


The PENXCEL™ Technology platform is a launching pad for a full line of innovative new products for improving the efficiency of nitrogen and phosphate fertilizers. It improves performance, blending and handling. Our fertilizer additive products, including our newest innovation, the NEON™ family of products, join our flagship products including N YIELD™ nitrogen stabilizer, N-BOUND™ nitrogen stabilizer and PHOS GAIN™ enhancer – all of which utilize PENXCEL™ Technology.